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Housing Authority

The Housing Authority Board of Directors operates the West Plains Housing Authority. This agency is responsible for providing quality housing for lower-income and elderly families. The authority owns two high-rise properties, several multi-unit developments and also provides scattered-site housing through programs such as HUD Section 8. Those interested in the agency or who are in need of housing should contact the Housing Authority office at (417) 256-1639.

Members Exp/Date Term Address Home Phone Work Phone Fax or E-mail
Butler, Barbara Sept-17 4 Yrs 1309 Butler 257-7153 256-3158  
Fletcher, Warren - Chairman Sept-17 4 Yrs 513 W. Stonehaven 256-6811 256-2152  
Carter, Martha Dec-14 4 Yrs 201 Wildwood Terr. 256-4797    
Brill, Newt Sept-15 4 Yrs 1327 W. Broadway 256-5614 256-6174  
McManus, MaryJo
4 Yrs 302 Walnut