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If you are interested in older agendas or minutes, please contact City Clerk Mallory Prewett at 417-256-7176 ext. 209 or by email, Thank you. If you wish to speak at a City Council meeting on a topic that is not on the agenda, please contact Mallory Prewett by 12 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the City Council meeting.

April 20, 2017

Chapter 353 Public Hearing Notice


March 20, 2017

April 10, 2017 Reorganization Meeting

Payroll & Bills




Reading of Bills 

A. Bill 4494

B. Bill 4495

C. Bill 4496

D. Bill 4497

E. Bill 4498

F. Bill 4499

G. Bill 4500

H. Bill 4501

I. Bill 4502, Exhibit A, Exhibit B

J. Bill 1047

K. Bill 1048

Council Action

A. Bid–1 Truckload of 6″ D.I.P. for Inventory

B. Bid–Brass Fittings for Inventory

C. Bid–Escape for Administration

D. Bid–Fiber Optic Cable for Inventory

E. Bid–Modified Aggregate Quick Set Surfacing System for City Streets

F. Bid–New Camera System for Sewer Department

G. Bid–New Pickups for Water and Sewer Departments

H. Bid–New Pistols for Police Department

I. Bid–Pavement for London Lane

J. Bid–Redi-Mix Concrete for Fiscal Year 2018

K. Bid–Packer Body and Chassis for Sanitation Department

L. Bid–Precast Sidewalk Slab Beams for Missouri Avenue Bridge

M. Bid–New Backhoe for Refuse Disposal Department

N. Bid–Fiber Material for Inventory

O. Bid–New Boring Machine for City Utilities

P. Bid–New Plow for Fiber Department

Q. Records to Destroy

Administrator’s Report

    • Project Updates

Department Reports

Safety Reports


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