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March 25, 2019


February 21, 2019

Payroll & Bills




Recognition of Guests

Dick Davidson, Parkside House

Reading of Bills 

A. Bill 4603

B. Bill 4604

C. Bill 4605

D Bill 4606

E. Bill 1079

F. Bill 1080

G. Bill 1081

H. Bill 1082

Council Action

A. Bid–Asphalt for Fiscal Year 2020

B. Bid–Gravel for Fiscal Year 2020

C. Bid–Lighting for GOCAT Facility

D. Bid–Mowing for Parks and Recreation, Street and Wells Departments

E. Bid–Redi-Mix Concrete for Fiscal Year 2020

F. Bid–Repair of Hoover Well

G. Bid–Street Sealant and Surfacing

H. Surplus Property to Sell: 1993 Ford F350, 1993 Ford F350, 2002 3500 Chevrolet, 2003 2500 Chevrolet (all from Street), 1976 Chevrolet Dump Truck (Airport), 2003 Ford Crown Victoria (Police)

I. Request to Destroy Records–Receipt books with dates prior to April 2013

J. Planning & Zoning Recommendations

Administrator’s Report

    • Project Updates

Department Reports

Safety Reports


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