City Unveils New Promotional Video

The City of West Plains has unveiled a new promotional video that it will use to help promote the area.

The video, shot and produced by the video company Brainstorm, was first unveiled to the West Plains City Council Monday night. Brainstorm specializes in tourism videos showcasing the people and natural beauty of an area.

All the footage from the video, which is currently available in its entirety on the City of West Plains Facebook page, was shot in the summertime with a combination of hand-held and drone photography. It features wide-sweeping shots of the city, including Ozarks Medical Center, Missouri State University-West Plains, West Plains Zizzer stadium, and Armstrong Hardwood Flooring.

Community Marketing Director Todd Shanks said the purpose of the video is to “showcase our people, our local assets, and most importantly our city.”

“We wanted to create a video that captured the look and feel of living in West Plains,” said Shanks. “Obviously that’s a challenge in just a three-minute time frame, but we did our very best to strike the right chord. Our hope is the video will appeal to not only people who are unfamiliar with West Plains, but with our own residents and West Plains natives.”

The video is set to local music thanks to the band Ha Ha Tonka, which originated in West Plains, and was funded by the Board of City Pride. In addition to social media, the video is available for viewing on the City’s website, used in economic development attraction packages, and is now on YouTube. Condensed versions will also be used for marketing purposes.

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