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Office Location: City Hall
Phone: 417-256-7176

Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday


Taxi License

Taxicab companies must fill out a business license application available at City Hall. The application must be returned to the license clerk at city hall along with fee payment, proof of insurance and current inspection slips for each cab. All applications must then be approved by the City Council at a council meeting. Criteria for approval include:

1) Maintain at least one taxicab stand and principal place of business

2) Have in actual and continuous operation therefrom at least two (2) taxicabs. Additions or deletions of cabs from the application must be approved

3) All taxicabs must have a current license sticker affixed to the front windshield

4) Taxicab stands must have sufficient parking space on private property for all taxicabs which are to be operated under the license

5) Taxicabs will not be parked on any public street or alley

6) Applicant is or will be, upon the issuance of the license, the actual bona fide owner or lessee with sole right of control of all taxicabs described in the application of license

7) All taxicabs are in good mechanical condition, a current inspection slip is required

8) Public convenience and necessity will be served by the granting of such license
  a) Any person may appear and be heard in opposition to or in support of any such application

9) Liability insurance for taxicab service must be maintained

10) Licenses are non-transferable

Annual Cost: $20 for the first taxicab and $10 for each additional taxicab (minimum of two taxicabs total)