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If you are interested in older agendas or minutes, please contact City Clerk Mallory Snodgras at 417-256-7176 ext. 209 or by email, Thank you. If you wish to speak at a City Council meeting on a topic that is not on the agenda, please contact Mallory Snodgras by 12 p.m. on the Friday prior to the City Council meeting. You may fill out this form and either email to Mallory Snodgras or drop-off at City Hall by the Friday prior. Thank you!

February 18, 2020


January 21, 2020

February 7, 2020 Special Meeting

Payroll & Bills




Recognition of Guests

Doug Martin, Signals on Highway 63

Reading of Bills 

A. Bill 4654

B. Bill 4655

C. Bill 1103

D. Bill 1104



Council Action

A. Bid–1 Load of Fuel for Generator (Ratifying)

B. Bid–Break Switch for Transmission Line

C. Bid–Conductor and Static Wire for Transmission Line

D. Bid–Conductor for Transmission Line

E. Bid–Laptops for City Employees

F. Bid–Material for New Transmission Line

G. Bid–Ratify Invoice from Quesco

H. Bid–Padmount Transformers for Inventory

I. Bid–Used Tractor for Golf Course

J. Request to Destroy Records–Finance Department

K. City Council Authorization for Missouri Highway Safety Program

L. Liquor License Application–Jack’s Off Beat Bar, 112 W. Main Street



Administrator’s Report

  • Project Updates

Department Reports

Safety Reports


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