City Unveils New Organizational Structure

In a move to consolidate departments and improve efficiency in all areas of operations, the City of West Plains will undergo a significant change in its organizational structure.

Effective on June 3, thirty-five City departments will being reorganized into ten, with those ten department heads reporting directly to City Administrator Tom Stehn. The new organizational structure will be as follows:

Transportation Department – Director Brian Mitchell. Brian will oversee the Airport, Streets, Cemetery, Transit, and Construction Departments;

Public Works – Director Jeff Hanshaw. Jeff will continue overseeing the Electric Department, and will also oversee the Water and Sewer Departments, the Water Treatment Plant, the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sanitation, and the Fiber Department;

Finance – Director Todd Harman. In addition to serving as the City’s Finance Director, Todd will also oversee Utility Billing, Municipal Court, Purchasing/Garage, and Custodial Services;

Planning – Director Emily Gibson. As Planning Director, Emily will oversee Engineering, GIS, the Building Official/Nuisance Department, Information Technology, and Stormwater Department;

Community Services – Director Todd Shanks. Todd will continue overseeing Marketing and Tourism, and will also oversee Parks/Recreation, the West Plains Civic Center, North Terra Golf Course, the West Plains Senior Center, the West Plains Public Library, and the Public Relations Department.

The City Clerk, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Emergency Management and Human Resources positions will also report directly to the City Administrator.  The Animal Control Department will continue being under the supervision of the Police Department.

West Plains City Council members approved the reorganization during closed session on Monday, May 20.

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