Find the Hidden Lights!

A new “twist” has been added by the City of West Plains to the large wreaths and snowflakes around town.

This year the Electric Department has developed a game for parents and children to participate in together as they view the Christmas lights throughout the shopping districts in town.

The game is simple: Starting on Monday, November 26, parents are encouraged to pick up candy canes at City Hall for each of their children and a “master key” map, which reveals the locations of hidden red, blue or green bulbs in the Christmas decorations hung up by the Electric Department. As parents drive around the city doing their Holiday shopping, children can watch for the hidden bulbs. Once children find the lights, parents can reward the child with a candy cane courtesy of the Electric Department.

“Hopefully this brings a new exciting twist to the Christmas lights throughout the town that both young and even the older kids can enjoy!” said Electric Superintendent Jeff Hanshaw.

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