Residence, Business Addresses Should be Clearly Marked in Event of Emergency

Area first responders are asking for the public’s help to ensure their residences and businesses are clearly marked in the event of an emergency.

Representatives from the City of West Plains Police and Fire Departments, Howell County 911, South Howell County Ambulance, and the Howell Rural Fire Department are working together to ensure rapid response to emergency calls, including utilizing standard addresses, mapping and protocols.

However, when an emergency situation arises, a successful response often lies in the hands of the citizens. Having a home or business that is clearly marked with the street address, or a mailbox with the box number, greatly aides the personnel responding to the emergency.

“Having visible address numbers that clearly identify a residence or business greatly aids first responders in the event of an emergency,” said West Plains Fire Department Chief Roy Sims. Sims said city residences need to have at least three-inch letters with the address posted on the house, and commercial businesses need to have at least four-inch letters. County residents need to ensure their mailboxes are clearly marked with box numbers.

The area emergency responders are currently part of an Emergency Services Standards Committee, whose purpose is to develop standardized protocols for all emergency services in the area.

For more information, people may call Melanie Barnett, GIS Coordinator at 417-256-7176.

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